New Pneumatic Valve Actuator of Series DR/SC
The new DR/SC pneumatic actuator of rack and gear wheel type is manufactured by SHANGHAI SHST METER VALVE CO., LTD adopting the latest technique both home and abroad. CAD based 3D modeling is also applied to optimize the design of the products and to make innovation on the design as well. the aspect of the product is modern, compact and good looking. Built with new materials and new process, the quality of the products could be guaranteed as well as the performance. Moreover more types of products are available to benefit customers. All the products are completely designed and manufactured in according to the latest international standard specification of technology to meet the requirement now and future.


① the rack, gear wheel and the two pistons are designed in symmetric structure to perform stably and rapidly with high accuracy and high power output. the rotation in the inverse direction can be performed by simply changing the assembling location of the pistons.
② the extruded cylinder body is made of high quality stainless steel with fine machined socket and hard anodized outer surface(Teflon coat + anodisation would be provided at special occasion)to prolong the service life and lower the coefficient of friction.
③ One-piece design is adopted. All type of single acting actuators and double acting actuators are provided with same cylinder body and end cap. The acting module could be easily changed by installing or demounting springs.
④ Combined preload security group spring could be mounted or increased/decreased easily and safely during assembling or during in field usage
⑤ the two sole adjusting screws at the side surface of the actuator which has been already installed on the valve could make the adjustment of location of the valve opening and closing more convenient and accurate. The special adjusting screws which are much longer would be provided if full stroke adjustment is needed.
⑥ Multifunctional location indicator, in field visible indicator and standard socket in accordance to VDI/VDE3845、NAMUR could be installed and export all the accessories such as limit switch cabinet, electric localizer and position sensor(JEELON, P+F, Turck).
⑦ the air supply interface is built according to NUMAR criterion. To the interface the NUMAR solenoid valve can be installed directly.
⑧ the composite material made bearing shell at the back of the rack, the deflector ring of the pistons as well as the bearing shaft of the output shaft are provided with  more lubrication to protect them against the metal-metal friction. Thus, a prolong service life and the low friction could be guaranteed.
⑨ All the fasteners are made of stainless steel to be resistant to corrosion for a long time.
⑩ the pontes are built in according to latest version of ISO5211,DIN3337(F03-F25) to guarantee the interchangeability and versatility of the products

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